A Glimpse of Coron Island

Coron – Is a small town on the Island of Busuanga which is located in Palawan, Philippines.

Palawan was recently named the most beautiful island in the world and I have to agree not because it’s my hometown but it is truly paradise! =)

I won’t give much of an introduction to Palawan because I will be showing you glimpses of it below with my photos taken during our trip and let me know your thoughts. I’m excited to read your comments and feedback.



Buy your ticket two days in advance if you are coming from El Nido just like I did which I just got lucky as they recently opened the route from El Nido directly to Coron. They have a normal ferry which will take you eight hours and the fastest is only four and a half hours to get to this Island(It’s about Php1700 or USD34) plus Php20 terminal fee. The ferry leaves at 6am everyday so you better be at the port by 5:30am.

There is no food on board so grab some snacks with you or better eat before you leave.



We stayed in this accommodation called Al Faro Cosmio Hotel for five nights and the place was really cool as they have the best sunset view. But before you get to there you need to take about fifty steps to get to this place which is really good for burning fat while you’re on a holiday break like me. If you prefer to just relax and read this is the best place and they only have about 10 to 12 rooms. There’s not much to do here because it’s about an hour away from the main town and you are at the top of the hill.



So, here you go. I have some awesome shots taken during our stay here.


Our lovely room with a sea view! The only problem is the room get’s hot in the day because they’re not air-conditioned but in the evening is perfectly fine. Don’t worry about the geckos because they won’t hurt you, they just made a noise during the evening.  

me again

Reading this book by Mitch Albom! You must get a tissue while reading it not only because it’s sad but also very inspirational. 

18209078_1402587873140987_6231899512280182403_oThe cutest mini pool

18192480_1402588136474294_1808819734673542617_oView from the restaurant


Happy hour! You must try the local #rhumandcoke for only Php.50!!! The cheapest Rhum in the world

IMG_2195 copy

Enjoying the moment while capturing the sunset! 



Our daily view! 


This place reminds me of Santorini but I’ve never been to there. (haha) 

18209234_1402587939807647_8632245354683068664_oRestaurant Area 


We were lucky that day because another four hotel guests were also going on the day tour so we shared Php200 for 6 pax which was very convenient. Make sure to bring cash with you because entry fees at the island stops are not included. We went to six different places and the fees per place are about Php50-100 per pax.

Here’s a video clip I took during our day tour on the way to Kayangan Lake.



It took us 40 minutes to an hour to get to this place but it’s so worth it! 


We reached Kayangan Lake at around 9 in the morning and only a few tourists were around. You better get here before that time so you will fully enjoy the beautiful nature. By the time we left more tourists were starting to come in. 


Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


And so, you need to queue to get this beautiful shot. =)



No words can describe it!




And lastly, bring extra cash with you or draw before travelling to Coron as most of their card machines are not working and the internet was really bad.



We hired a van to take us to the airport which took an hour. Unfortunately it’s not free and fortunately, the four people we went with on the tour were also leaving on the same day back to Manila so we shared the van.

Okay, The airport is not very well developed and looks like a massive warehouse that they just put chairs in but the Wifi is really awesome. So, there’s always a bright side during this trip.

Our flight was about forty-five to an hour to Manila. I enjoyed the view and it was lovely seeing those little islands.


If you have questions to ask other travellers? Check out these helpful forums.




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